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NaruHina: Blush- Chapter 1

Sakura, Hinata and Ino were called in to Lady tsunades office.

Lady Tsunade: I have a mission for you three.

The three girls looked around.

Sakura: Excuse me, Tsunade-sama but is it only going to be us?

Lady Tsunade: Im sorry but every one else is out on a mission…But I do have two other girls. I bet you haven't met them yet!

Sakura: Tsunade-sama..?

Lady Tsunade: Enter!

Two girls walks in through the brown door.
One of the girls have long blond hair and the other one have short red hair.

Lady Tsunade: Welcome girls!
I want you to meet Sakura, Hinata and Ino.

Sakura looked at the new team members with a confused look and then turned to Lady Tsunade

Sakura: Only….girls? And besides, we don't know anything about the other girls jutsus.

Lady Tsunade: You got more members to the team and now you're complaining about no males in your team?
I told you, everyone else is on a mission. That's why I had to assign two random girls.
I know it's a little bit stupid that you don't know anything about them but I'll have no other choice.
Although, I have one male left that isn't assigned to a mission but Im not so sure that I want to send him with you. Especially not when captain Yamato isn't here.

The girl with the short red hair starts to whisper in the other girls ear.
" She's like really over protecting that boy she's talking about. She must be his mother or something since she doesn't want to leave him without some sort of body guard."

The two girls started to laugh but soon enough, they saw that everyone was staring so they quit.

Lady Tsunade sighed out loud.

Lady Tsunade: I guess I have no other choice…
Okay its decided! I assign him to your team!

Ino: Sorry Tsunade- sama but who?

Lady Tsunade:  Naruto Uzumaki of course!
Alright! Its settled. You guys go ahead and pack your things. Remember to take necessary things to camp with you.
And since you wanted an extra guy, you all will have to go and get him yourself.

All the girls were about to leave when Tsunade threw out some more words out of her mouth.

Lady Tsunade: Sakura, I want you to hold Naruto in a short leash just in case something would happen. And I want all of you to look after Naruto so he doesn't do anything reckless!

All the girls quietly leave the building. When they come out, the new girls decide to introduce themselves.

It appeared that the shorthaired girls name was Aru and that the shorthaired girl was named  Miriu.
They also talked about what their jutsus was and such.

Sakura: Okay since im the team leader, I'll give the orders.
First we'll go home and pack our things and then we meet back here when we're done.
I'll tell you what we should do next when we meet up here later okay?

The other girls agrees and hurries away to pack their things.

A half hour later, they all met where they had scattered.

Hinata: What are we going to do now Sakura-san?

Sakura: Well we need to inform Naruto about this…I guess we have no other choice but to go and get him.
Follow me!

They followed Sakura to Naruto's apartment. When they got there, Sakura turned to face Aru and Miriu

Sakura: First of all Aru and Miriu, I would just like to say that Naruto is…a real knucklehead.
So don't get "hurt" by his stupid words. He doesn't mean it…

Aru: hah yeah I bet he is. And that hokage of yours is she like his mother or something? She treats him like a baby. Its probably because he cant do anything by himself

Aru had a bitchy tone in her voice.
Sakura formed her hand into a fist and squeezed it real hard
Ino laid a hand on Sakura's shoulder and quietly told her that it was a waste of time.

Ino started to knock on the door as she called out Naruto's name.
Naruto did of course not open.
Both Ino and Sakura were now knocking violently on the door.

Ino: Okay I think he's sleeping… *sigh*

Miriu: You mean dead right? If he was sleeping, he would be awake for a long time ago.

Sakura: Naruto is seriously deaf when he sleeps…
We'll have no other choice but to break in.

Sakura takes a deep breath and kicks the door opend.

All the girls slowly walk into the apartment.
There's dirty clothes and half eaten food on the floor.
Then they see a bed with a boy on it.
As they get closer they see that he has both his arms at different ends and legs apart. Almost like a star.
All the girls have now surrounded the bed, watching Naruto sleep.

Aru: So this is…Naruto Uzumaki, huh?

Naruto starts to move his head back and forth as he mumbles something.

Hinata: I think Naruto-kun is having a nightmare..

Sakura: should we wake him up?

Ino: No wait I just want to see what happens

All of the girls start to giggle a little bit since they all were a bit curious.

Naruto: Sas….Sakuke
Im…im not letting Orochimaru take you…no matter if I…if I have to BREAK EVERY BONE IN YOUR BODY!

The girls were a bit afraid but then they found it kind of cute that he screamed while he was sleeping.

Naruto started to growl. Louder and louder.

The girls seemed confused.

Naruto was now growling really loud and his fangs started to grow.

Sakura: Oh shit!

Sakura quickly grabbed Naruto's shoulders.

Naruto suddenly went up to a sitting position facing all the girls who seemed really scared.

Naruto's eyes were red and he had long fangs and more whiskers that usual.
He was growling.

After a minute he saw where he was and he realised that some girls were surrounding him.
He took a good stare at them. They all looked like they've seen a ghost or something.

Sakura: Naruto calm down…

Sakura had tears in her eyes and her voice wasn't very stable.
She slowly patted Naruto on his back.
Naruto put his head down, facing the bed that he lied in.

Naruto slowly raised his head again, facing the confused looking girls.
The girls expected the worst but…
His eyes were sea blue and had three whiskers at each side of his face and his teeth were back to normal.

The girls didn't look so upset anymore.

*awkward silence*

Naruto: sooooo….
*Naruto scratched the back of his head*
What are you guys doing here?
…And who are they?

Naruto pointed straight at Aru and Miriu.

Aru and Miriu bitch looked at Naruto because they thought he just was a real big noob, using weird jutsu's while he's asleep.
Because it was a jutsu…right?

Naruto: Fine don't say anything…

Sakura: Naruto we're going on a mission and you're going with us.

Naruto looked around in confusion.

Naruto: Am I the only male??

Hinata: Yes N-Naruto-kun. The other males already are on missions. You're the only one that doesn't have a mission.

Aru: wonder why…hahah

Naruto: Hey! Naruto stood up and his blanket fell to the ground.
Naruto now realised that he had no shirt and got embarrassed.
All the girls stared.

Naruto noticed that the girls eye sight slided down to his seal mark.
Quickly, he grabbed a shirt and covered it and scratched his head.

Naruto: heh..hehe so uhm should we start the mission?

All girls shook their heads from the "distraction"

Naruto: You guys can go to the port, I'll have to pack some things and I'll have to change.
But I'll see you there.

Sakura: Of course..!

The girls left the apartment and walked to the port.

Miriu: Hey, Aru? What do you think that mark on his belly was?

Aru: I don't know but he sure is weird.

Okay, so there wont be any NaruHina until later lol xD
Sure, they're talking a bit to each other on the mission.. but yeh. You guys have to be patience!
Not that much later but maybe one MAYBE two chaps until the real deal starts ;D
But I would say 2 SHORT chapters until the real NaruHina things starts to flow 8D

Second of all...I know that his seal mark only appears when he uses chakra but..lets say that he used some fox/Kyuubi chakra recently xD

I know that its not very well made but still ^_^

Naruto, Sakura, Hinata, Ino and Lady Tsunade belongs to kishimoto

Let me know if you want more! :D

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